Summer vibes

Six months and 8 projects later 2017 has come to summer without me noticing!

This happens every year: I try to be really alert for the elusive spring, as it is my favourite time of the year, but it's always gone before I realise.
Need to tune straight into the light nights and the summer sky gradients... (ah!).

Future is golden

Another week spent in Dance4 in Nottingham with Callaghan and Kenyon Projects. A lot of things discovered, even more questions raised. This process is new to me in that we've decided to take the time required to get the piece ready. It feels right but at the same time scary, like a bottomless well. Funnily, our biggest scenic element, a golden dance mat is reflecting in exactly that way.

We know it's going to be golden. Just not sure when.

After a long week

After a long week


The luminous human

Shot the press photos for a new dance piece Homage 1 (FKA Human Bling) and here are the first versions of the dancers' portraits. The piece investigates hypersensitivity, the future of humanity and the effects things we are exposed to will have on us; the unforeseen. It felt apt to create these aura portraits, visualising the energy of each of the performers. 



Premiere end of March 2017 in Teatterikorkeakoulu.  

Public art in the North

Rehearsals of Tanhu taking place

Rehearsals of Tanhu taking place

Working in the public realm in Nordic countries in the winter equals freezing. Building of our dance installation project Tanhu is well underway to pemiere 5th Jan in Turku and it has meant days of working outside. I've become bit of an expert (I'd like to think) in preparation for these conditions and my top three advice would be:

1) Layers

several layers of clothes trap air between them and insulate, and you're able to remove some of them if you get too hot moving

2) Hand and toe warmth

the moment your extremities get cold everything becomes miserable. It's worth investing in good gloves and warm socks (or several, see: layers)

3) Warm headquarters

no matter how much you're wearing, if you're not moving enough you'll get cold. Make sure you've got access to somewhere indoors close by where you can thaw and have a cuppa

TAVA - Tartu Valgus 2016

This is always my favourite point in the project, when everything's coming together and the opening day is coming closer. In to weeks time my lighting installation A - B, a minimalist tribute to astronomer F.G.W. Struve, will open in Tartu Valgus lighting festival in Estonia.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to display my work there, if you're in that neck of the woods, come and join the fantastic festival!

Maiden of Finland is dead

We spent last week in Turku, on the western coast of Finland. Working with the local dancers from N0llapiste collective and the fantastic Janina Rajakangas, Kirsi Gum and Miki Brunou, a new project is under way. The working title "La Fin - Maiden of Finland is dead" refers to the female character that for decades has symbolized the country. Blond, serene, prudent and virtuous, the Maiden of Finland represented the desirable post-war qualities for the nation. The piece will be challenging the image of that maiden and questioning which characters are actually more true to the contemporary society.

The piece will premiere in a public space in the centre of Turku 5th January 2017. Below is a previz of the setup. Wear your woollies and come see the modern maidens!

La Fin visualisation

Buds of May

May have brought out so many good things already: the buds on the trees, the return of the swifts and this new video! It's dope!

In the teeth of the sun

Back in April Helsinki, I am again reminded how fierce the spring sun is on this latitude. You're blinded the moment you step out, tears falling down your cheeks due to the sheer magnitude of our most beloved star. The experience is both humbling and exhilarating, and one I find a lot of inspiration from.
The returning of the light has a great social impact too, it lures the people out, fills the parks and terraces of cafes and encourages to interact with passers-by. Excitingly looking forward to the next two months towards the equinox.

In residence

I spent last week in residency in Belgium, working on RRRRR, the latest work by Sonja Jokiniemi. It is a performance project looking into hallucinatory, delusional and derailed structures used as choreographic starting points.
The residency was in Stuk, Leuven, which is an amazing place to work. The freedom, trust and support that the team there bring makes your work a lot easier and you can focus on it fully. RRRRR progressed a long way there.

RRRRR is premiering in Bern Dampfzentrale 23 February 2016.

Image by Patrick de Rham ©Sonja Jokiniemi

Image by Patrick de Rham ©Sonja Jokiniemi

Image by Patrick de Rham ©Sonja Jokiniemi

Image by Patrick de Rham ©Sonja Jokiniemi

Image by Patrick de Rham ©Sonja Jokiniemi