Future is golden

Another week spent in Dance4 in Nottingham with Callaghan and Kenyon Projects. A lot of things discovered, even more questions raised. This process is new to me in that we've decided to take the time required to get the piece ready. It feels right but at the same time scary, like a bottomless well. Funnily, our biggest scenic element, a golden dance mat is reflecting in exactly that way.

We know it's going to be golden. Just not sure when.

After a long week

After a long week




Of Family and Deer in Mariehamn

All the groups who've been in Kedja's Wilderness residencies are gathering to Mariehamn to showcase their pieces. Ten groups from Nordic and Baltic countries will perform what they've worked on during the time spent in these isolated places in the middle of the nature, in wilderness. 

We stopped in Turku to rehearse in Barker theatre before taking the ferry to Åland. 

Really looking forward to seeing all the different shows.