Maiden of Finland is dead

We spent last week in Turku, on the western coast of Finland. Working with the local dancers from N0llapiste collective and the fantastic Janina Rajakangas, Kirsi Gum and Miki Brunou, a new project is under way. The working title "La Fin - Maiden of Finland is dead" refers to the female character that for decades has symbolized the country. Blond, serene, prudent and virtuous, the Maiden of Finland represented the desirable post-war qualities for the nation. The piece will be challenging the image of that maiden and questioning which characters are actually more true to the contemporary society.

The piece will premiere in a public space in the centre of Turku 5th January 2017. Below is a previz of the setup. Wear your woollies and come see the modern maidens!

La Fin visualisation