Future is golden

Another week spent in Dance4 in Nottingham with Callaghan and Kenyon Projects. A lot of things discovered, even more questions raised. This process is new to me in that we've decided to take the time required to get the piece ready. It feels right but at the same time scary, like a bottomless well. Funnily, our biggest scenic element, a golden dance mat is reflecting in exactly that way.

We know it's going to be golden. Just not sure when.

After a long week

After a long week




The light of love

The summer is officially over; the temperature dropped overnight and it has been raining solidly for two days. Whilst saddening, it makes for the perfect conditions to return to the office work.

The production week is soon upon us so this week I'm preparing the lighting plot for Dinosaur, the dance duet about love by Janina Rajakangas Project. It is so good, true and funny depiction of the absurdity of love and relationships and I think everyone who's ever been to a relationship can relate to it. It is an interesting challenge to create the light of love.  
We're premiering in end of October at The Place in Euston, London and the tickets are on sale now.

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DEMS Music video

We made a new music video for a track called Muscle Memory by London band Dems. I helped the amazing team with lighting of the shoot. Really honoured to get to work with these brilliant people.