Nordic light

Having spent the last few weeks in Finland I was reminded where my fascination with light comes from. The buildings in Helsinki are low and the streets wide so there's always a big strip of sky visible. It gives room for thoughts, your thinking feels more free when you're constantly exposed to daylight. The October was exceptionally sunny, normally that month is associated with an overcast grey and misery drizzle. But the clouds being away a near lateral sun shone against you if your journey in the afternoon was towards West and stretched your shadow several metres behind you.

4pm shadow

October sun at noon in Helsinki

After the sun had disappeared behind the horizon a spectacular display of colour gradient was painted on the sky. Yes, you get gradients in all sunsets but not ones that render from white to indigo over 100°. The journey was super-inspiring, keep your eyes peeled for some gradients to come.

The light of love

The summer is officially over; the temperature dropped overnight and it has been raining solidly for two days. Whilst saddening, it makes for the perfect conditions to return to the office work.

The production week is soon upon us so this week I'm preparing the lighting plot for Dinosaur, the dance duet about love by Janina Rajakangas Project. It is so good, true and funny depiction of the absurdity of love and relationships and I think everyone who's ever been to a relationship can relate to it. It is an interesting challenge to create the light of love.  
We're premiering in end of October at The Place in Euston, London and the tickets are on sale now.

Get your tickets here


Lights and music

Been working with fantastic Mr Gardener on some lighting for the Dems gig in Lost Festival this weekend. Anyone heading that way, come see the gig and have a beer with us.



Academic lighting

This year has started with an interesting variety of projects with the new category of academic events. February saw the annual gala of Svenska Litteratursällskapet and last week we worked on the 375 anniversary festival of Helsinki University. Both events took place in the grand hall of the university's main building which is an ideal for projected video and light with its gypsum white surfaces and imposing Roman style architecture. 

Working with my VJ partner and colleague Paula Lehtonen we created a video and lighting designs that would enliven the different parts of the programmes and vary the moods in the space. We had the tech crew and equipment provided by Sound Engine and they made our task a lot easier with their professionalism.

These projects have added to crowing portfolio of projects in a great way and we're looking forward to working on more events in future.

Testing the projectors with Phil

Testing the projectors with Phil

Preparing for the SLS event

Preparing for the SLS event

YL Male Voice Choir performing "Tango Desiree" in Helsinki University 375 event

YL Male Voice Choir performing "Tango Desiree" in Helsinki University 375 event

The president of SLS giving a speech

The president of SLS giving a speech

DEMS Music video

We made a new music video for a track called Muscle Memory by London band Dems. I helped the amazing team with lighting of the shoot. Really honoured to get to work with these brilliant people.


Of Family and Deer in Mariehamn

All the groups who've been in Kedja's Wilderness residencies are gathering to Mariehamn to showcase their pieces. Ten groups from Nordic and Baltic countries will perform what they've worked on during the time spent in these isolated places in the middle of the nature, in wilderness. 

We stopped in Turku to rehearse in Barker theatre before taking the ferry to Åland. 

Really looking forward to seeing all the different shows.